State and Federal Model Accreditation Plans require the Training Provider to provide the student with an agenda for each refresher course. We expect you to actually hand-out a copy of the agenda to each student. 

Click on the link to download an Excel copy for you to print on white paper.


Lead Worker
Lead Supervisor
Lead Inspector
Lead Risk Assessor
v2_PB16_Detailed_agenda.pdf v2_PBS_Detailed_agenda.pdf v2.1_PBI_Detailed_agenda.pdf v2_PBRA_Detailed_agenda.pdf


Worker Refresher
Supervisor Refresher
Inspector Refresher
Risk Assessor Refresher
v2.2-PB16R Detailed agenda v2.2-PBSR Detailed agenda v2.2-PBIR Detailed agenda v2.2-PBRAR Detailed agenda