eRRP Hands-On Videos for the Classroom


ho Activities for the classroom

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These activities can be accomplished during the classroom portion of the training or immediately after.  If the trainer is using the eRRP DVD, then these activities are performed after the first session on the DVD, before the bulk of the hands-on, and before playing Module #2:

  1. 1. Donning Personal protective Equipment

  2. 2. Chemical Test Kit

  3. 3. Paint Chip Sampling (Optional)

Skill Set #1: Using EPA-Recognized Test Kits and Collecting Paint Chip Samples

Skills Practice: Test Kit Procedure

Step 1:  Read the manufacturer’s instructions

Step 2:  Write required information and observations about the test location on the Test Kit Documentation Form.*

Step 3: (Optional) Secure a small disposable plastic drop cloth (2ft x 2 ft) on the floor beneath the test location with masking tape.

Step 4:   Put on disposable non-latex gloves and shoe covers.


Step 5:  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use of the test kit to conduct the test.* If possible, perform one test where a positive test result can be observed; and conduct one test of a painted wood surface with no lead-based paint layer to observe a negative test result.*

Step 6:  Use one wet cleaning wipe to remove residual chemicals left on the surface tested. Use a second cleaning wipe to remove any visible debris or dust on the floor beneath the sample collection area and place the used cleaning wipe in the trash bag.*

Step 7: Check documentation for completeness and note the result of the testing on the Test Kit Documentation Form.*

Step 8:  (Optional) Number the test location in sequence on the Test Kit Documentation Form, then select the corresponding numbered index card and tape it next to the test location with masking tape and take a picture of the numbered test location to photo-document conduct and possibly the result of the test.

*Indicates required skills that must be accomplished for a “Proficient” rating.

Interpreting the Results of Test Kit Sampling:

The manufacturer’s instructions will indicate how to determine the absence of lead in paint. Once the test is conducted, note the result and refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for interpreting the result. All painted surfaces where lead is not determined to be absent must be treated as lead-based paint until additional testing performed by a Certified Lead Inspector or Risk Assessor proves it is not.

Documenting Test Kit Results:

A report of the findings from use of the test kit must be submitted to the person contracting the work within 30 days following the completion of the renovation work. The completed Test Kit Documentation Form should be kept by the Certified Firm for 3 years after the work is completed.