Course Checklists

CLICK HERE TO PRINT INITIAL RRP CHECKLISTOLD_Checklists_files/eRRP%20Trainer%20-%20Course%20Checklist%20Rev_1.pdf
CLICK HERE TO PRINT REFRESHER RRP CHECKLISTOLD_Checklists_files/PBCRR%20Trainer%20-%20Course%20Checklist%201_1.pdf

    The appropriate checklist must be completed for each training course given.  Each checklist item on the next page is linked to explanations, needed forms, and instructions as to how to accomplish each line item.  Take time to click on each checklist item and learn how to perform that item.  All trainers must be well versed in each item.  Or, one can keep clicking the “TRAIN-THE-TRAINER NEXT” links to be walked through the items.

IMPORTANT:  Train-the-Trainer students have two options to continue:

  1. 1. Click on one of the the yellow links below, depending on which course you intend to train.  When you do, you will be presented with a checklist where every item is linked to instructions about that line item.

  2. 2.Click at the bottom of the page on either “TRAIN-THE-TRAINER NEXT” for the initial course or “TRAIN-THE-TRAINER REFRESHER” to move immediately through the checklist items without returning to the checklist.