Much has happened since Seagull started teaching renovators in 2009!  Today, we have a select group of RRP trainers that are at varying levels of participation. Some have been with us from the start, and some are currently preparing for their second or third classes. To date, we have certified 30,000+ renovators.

    Many, if not most, of our competitors have dropped by the way side.  Most built high-overhead organizations, not realizing their large classes were the result of a regulatory bubble.  When the bubble ended, their overhead swallowed them.  Others have cancelled so many classes looking for large ones that their reputations are ruined.  Still others did not pay attention to details.  See what happened to some of our competitors:  CLICK HERE! Don’t let this happen to you!

    Seagull’s training experience since 1971 has kept us from the “bubble trap”.   Instead, Seagull ha stayed lean and efficient.  No other training concern has invested as much in quality, automation and consistency.

    One of our most successful programs is “Everyday Training”.  This has been tried and successfully tested in Atlanta, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Mobile, and Mountainside, NJ since August of 2011.  This training is based in the theory that the days of huge classes are over, but a persistent demand still exists.   This demand is generated from major contractors like Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears, as well as, hundreds of building and zoning departments.  Everyday in every area of the country, permits are not issued, bids are rejected, and contractors are cited for not being trained and certified.  These contractors need training now and are willing to pay a premium to get certified in a hurry.

    Some Seagull trainers train on a regular basis like “Every Wednesday” or the “First Monday of the Month”.  Still others train “Everyday” on a walk-in basis combining “Workstation” and one-on-one hands-on.  Seagull even has systems where we can conduct the required hands-on via teleconference.  In other words, Seagull can craft a system that benefits both you and the student in your market.

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