A CV Card must be handed out to each student for them to keep.


As the approved training provider, we routinely order the Cleaning Verification (CV) Cards directly from the EPA. The EPA has never sent us more than 500 at a time. The EPA requires us to authorize requests by asking questions only the training provider would know. We are doing the best we can to get the CV cards out to our trainers.

If a trainer runs out, please contact us and we will send more.

It is ok for trainers and students to contact the LEAD HOTLINE to order cards directly. They probably won’t send more than one card but it’s worth a shot. EPA will only send one CV Card per individual request, if the caller not the training provider.        

National Lead Information Center Link

Remember to punch holes on the expiration date at the bottom of the card. CV cards are only good for one year from the time they are passed out.