Trainer Availability


  Except when a student is taking the classroom portion of the Initial RRP course online, an approved principal instructor must be within proximity to all students, at all times during training.

    This does not mean that the principal instructor cannot be in another room doing other things while a student is watching a DVD or during hands-on, if hands-on is being handled by video conference.

    It does mean that any student, at any time, must be able to see a live principal instructor without the slightest difficulty.  This is why Seagull asks that each organization training Seagull courses have as many employees approved as principal instructors as possible, but at least two.

    This cannot be taken lightly.  Any situation where a principal instructor is not available in person, is a direct violation of both EPA, as well as, authorized state regulation.  A violation of this type can carry fines of $37,500.00 per student, per day.  Remember, every time you train, you create a witness, the student(s).

    It is fine for major portions of classes to be handled by video conference as long as a principal instructor is available in person.

    Thus, if you wish Seagull to train protions of your courses because you are busy on a particular day, arrange for it as soon as you can.  You can arrange for remote training by calling Seagull at 1-800-966-9933.