By law, an approved manual must be provided to each RRP student.  Therefore, at the beginning of each course, the trainer must give each student a manual.

    Upon approval, Seagull stocks a few manuals with new trainers at no charge.  After that, it is the trainer’s responsibility to replace them at the trainers expense.  There are several sources for manuals.   Usually, they cost between $7.00 and $15.00 depending on quality and quantity.

    Free Alternative - Seagull will supply the manuals on CD’s.  These CDs have the manuals of all the lead abatement courses, all the Federal regulations, state laws and rules, and a whole lot more.  They also offer the advantage of being able to electronically searching for subjects instead of searching by hand, page by page.

    Since most students will not have portable computers to use the CD during the course, the CD may not be used in lieu of the hard copy manual.  Thus, the trainer may hand out the free manuals they received upon approval.  Explain to the students that  the advantages of the CD.  Then tell the students that if they do not write in the hard copy manual, they can trade it for a CD when the course is over.

    Should a student not want the CD, you must allow them to keep their hard copy manual.

    If the student wants both, charge the whatever you feel is fair.