Packing for off-site training


    A huge mistake that many of Seagull’s competitors have made is feeling that they have the right to modify or abbreviate training because they are not training at their own location.  The laws, rules and regulations do not distinguish between On and Off site training.  All rules apply.

See what happened when our competitor altered Hands-on at a remote training:  Click Here!

    During the Federal approval process to become an RRP training provider, applicants had to declare whether they would train at only one location or have the option to travel.  If the applicant elected the travel option, the trainer had to demonstrate the ability to have all assets needed at a remote location.  Seagull developed a portable hands-on unit with a door, window, and other features to insure availability and portability of needed items.

    Click Here to see a demo of the portable unit.  This demo is not trying to sell units.  It is presented so that you understand how serious you need to be about remote, off-site training.

    Be sure you have all items listed at “Equipment $ Supplies”

    Also, be sure you have a good television or projector along with the course DVD’s

    Insure that you have an Internet connection, computer, and phone for support services.