PBCR - Initial Renovation, Repair & Painting Course

PBCRR - Renovation, Repair & Painting Refresher Course

    Federal rules require examinations and answer keys to be kept under lock and key.  When there is more than one student, they may not be left alone during testing.

Examination Key

Related Regulations

  1. (xii)Students shall take a course test no more than two (2) times for each training course. After two (2) failures, the student shall retake the full course before being allowed to retest;

  1. (xiii)Instructors shall not review for the course test by reading questions from the test;

  1. (xiv)A training program shall provide course test security measures to prevent student access to the course test before and after the test. Training programs shall take measures to preclude cheating during the course test; and (For Seagull training of more than one student, you must have an exam proctor or separate students.)