Many of your students spend several days at your training center. Here are several ways to make your training center comfortable and interesting for your students and while keeping it on the professional level. After you've decorated here is a link for good training info to share with the students in refreshers. For your paperwork here's the link to the resource site.



St, Claire Inc. hosts a website with a CGI called "Safety Sign Builder". Makes customized PDF files you print on your printer.

OSHA provides many free posters. Some are downloadable right away, some you order on the internet and wait for the mail. English and Spanish versions.

The EPA operates the "Small Business Ombudsman Office". This office provides various forms of assistance for the small business including the Publications for Small Business site. Under TSCA you'll find tons of free brochures, pamphlets and posters.

More Signs


Do you have a small place in the lobby for a pamphlet table? Or visit local thrift stores to find a rack. EPA provides free Pamphlets at their publication site.

A cork bulletin board can be set up in the lobby for information like business cards, help wanted postings and even items for-sale.


More Lead awareness info here, in Spanish and English and from our friends at the good ole EPA.

Environmental Protection magazine has a free subscription application form on the internet. (Private company, not the US EPA)

Occupational Health and Safety a slick and glossy magazine free for the asking at:

Search the world for newspaper and magazine sources here.


For $29.50 a year the Scottsdale, Arizona organization the Environmental Assessment Association will sent you the Environmental Times at least 4 times a year on news print.

For $29.00 a year NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) will send you their 32 page, quarterly newspaper - 5 times a year.

American Indoor Air Quality Council $35.00 annual dues.

EH&S Solutions news print full of information. Call them to subscribe at:


THe sample issue is free. It'll be $70.00 a year for the monthly newspaper. Still not a bad price.