Each and every week we routinely notify your courses on a regular basis to every state and regional EPA office. Specific steps must be taken for courses you book and schedule outside of these notified courses or at a location other than your notified address of your training center. There is a 10-day pre notification period which is prescribed by law and is a mandatory requirement of the states and Fedaral EPA rules. You must notify this office well within the 10-day pre course notification period in order to provide a coures off-schedule.

The first step is to download and print the COURSE NOTICE FORM. Complete ALL the neccessary information and fax itto Fort Lauderdale at 1-954-524-2430. If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact Mark Knick in Fort Lauderdale at 1-800-966-9933.


Waivers to the 10-days may be sought in the case of documentable emergency cases only. Requests for a waiver are are approved on a case-by-case basis. The approval to waive the 10-day pre-course notification period is ONLY sought by your notifying the Seagull Processing Center in Fort Lauderdale. We request that you DO NOT call state and EPA authorities to make this request. Arrangements to provide courses less than the 10 days are done by this office and this office alone.