You are expected and legally obligated to provide course manuals for each participating initial course student. As a rule, course manuals are not provided to refreshing students but may be purchased separately.

Your course manuals, course sign-in sheets, registration forms and all other paper courseware products must be ordered and approved through headquarters before they will be shipped to your center. Please order your courseware based on your centers previous needs. Unexpected shipments due to large classes can and will be honored. Courseware orders are shiped by UPS ground delivery so you must anticipate your printed material needs to allow for plenty of time for delivery. Plan for your courseware to arrive in aproximately 5-10 days.

Download the courseware order form and print it on white paper. After completing the form, fax it to me for approval at: 954-524-2430. Please fill in how many you have on-hand under the QTY column and how many you want next to it.


This page shows the front cover for each Seagull/MSK Manual in case you are uncertain of which manual you are ordering.