Violations & Irregularities



How to report an RRP violation - 

In the Northeast (US EPA Region 1), go to


In the Southwest (US EPA Region 9), go to


As of July, 2016,

AL, DEGA, IA, KS, MA, MS, NC, OK, OR, RI, UT, WA & WI administer their own RRP programs and can be contacted by clicking the state initials, above.

For the remainder of the country, tips about RRP violations should be 

submitted to US EPA by going to


Additional lead-based paint contacts can be found by doing a zip-code 

search at


The US EPA has released the Consolidated Enforcement Response and Penalty Policy for the RRP Rule. Click on the documents cover on the right to view this EPA policy.



Anyone who has taught classes of students for many years will tell you that the disease that infects every teacher at some point is ego.  At the end of an entertaining course, students give a positive response like clapping.  This bolsters the trainers ego into thinking he or she did a great job of educating.  Nothing could be further than the truth.  Popular trainers, led by their egos, tend to skip items, spent too much time on their favorites, decide what they think is important and not.  The result: Really entertaining, sub-standard training.  Please give the courses as laid out by government and Seagull.


Most trainers do not realize that the same laws and rules they train during RRP courses govern their own training activities.  In other words, the $37,500.00 per item per day for a contractors violations on the job, can be $37,500.00 per student for the trainer who violates training rules.  Thus, it is very important to report to Seagull any type of irregularity, what-so-ever.  Mistakes will be made, but an unreported mistake may be determined to be a violation.  Report any course irregularities to Seagull.

When Seagull trainers learn of violations by their students or others, it is their duty to report it to Seagull.  Non-trainer violations may be reported to the authorities listed below.  Remember, unreported violations could effect a child for the rest of their life!