Video conferencing


   While a trainer is new to Seagull, videoconferencing is mandatory.  This and the DVD insure as much consistency as possible.  In addition, it removes much anxiety for a new trainer.  Lastly, it gives the student a feeling that he or she is special which aid in the student’s “Willlingness to learn”.

  All that is needed is a computer, a camera, and an internet connection.  The software is a free download. 

    Windows based computers use Skype.  Software is available at:

    Macintosh computers come with iChat installed, but can also run Skype from the link above.

    With either Skype or iChat, Seagull can be contacted at:                                                 


With video conferencing, you and your students will never be alone.  There will never be a question you can’t answer.  There will never be a time when you don’t know what to do next!