There are two forms of registration for Seagull RRP students.  Both must be accomplished for each student:

  1. 1. Combo Form for your files and for government auditing

  2. 2. Online for Seagull

Seagull’s online registration is accomplished by clicking the icon (shown below) on any of the Seagull-supplied computers.  Generally, this is accomplished while Jim’s Morning Video is playingon another device. 

Once pressed, the application will ask the trainer or facilitator a few questions:

  1. a. Initial or Refresher?

  2. b. Local or Remote Hands-on?

  3. c. How is this student paying?

Payment is usually already been made through Zack Academy.  Most of the time students will arrive with a printout giving a transaction number like 43270.  We call this a “G” number.  This number is all you need to register the student, financially.  If the student has no information, it is on the email you recieved notifying you of the course.  If all else fails, there is an online calendar for which you can subscribe that has the payment info.

Once this information is entered, the computer will ask you to seat the student for the next questions about his or her name, address...etc.  Generally, the student enters their own information with the trainer observing, but occasionally the trainer has to enter the info from the combo form.

Then, the application will warn you that it is about to take the student’s picture.  When prompted a countdown will start and the picture taken.  If the picture is deemed bad during a review, the app will give the student another chance.  THE TRAINER OR FACILITATOR SHOULD INSURE THAT THERE IS A PLAIN BACKGROUND.  In most cases, the computer was installed pointing at a blank wall, but in other situations the trainer or facilitator holds up a sheet or other plain background.

All registrations must be completed by 10AM in the local time zone.

In the rare event that a picture must be taken by hand, follow these directions:


To prepare the student photos for emailing, you will need to provide a unique identifier for each one. We ask that you name each photo using the course number that you got when you notified for the course and students first and last name and the ".jpg" file extension.

Each student photograph will be ready to email when the name consists of course number, complete name and the "jpg" file extension. email your student photos to:

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