Course Payments


Certificates & Licenses will not be issued until payments are collected by Seagull.

Credit cards are always accepted.

Only with prior approval, and only when a trainer is in total compliance with the rules and policies of training, Seagull may permit the trainer to transmit (fax or email) a true photocopy of a properly executed trainer company check in the exact amount of a due payment to expedite the issuance of certificates. When this is permitted, the trainer agrees and understands that the act of transmitting a photocopy means that the trainer has, on the same day as the fax or email, placed the actual check with proper addressing and postage in the U.S. Mail for delivery to Seagull. When this system is used, should the actual payment not be received by Seagull within seven days of its photocopy transmission, or should the postmark be more than 24 hours after the time of its transmission, any agreement allowing this system or payment is immediately canceled without notice.

Seagull will accept company checks for payments from trainers unless or until any of the following occur:

A trainer check is returned as unpaid for any reason by a bank: or

a trainer is delinquent in due payments to Seagull.

In the event that trainer company checks are no longer accepted by Seagull, payments must be made by credit card, certified check, bank check, or money order.