Online eRRP


What is eRRP?

eRRP is the name given to the Seagull Renovation, Repair and Painting Course available on the internet since early 2010. The internet program that runs the course is not limited to Renovator training. It is capable of containing any curriculum for teaching in any industry.  This “container” for the training took over 2 years to develop, 200 thousand dollars and a lot of kicking and screaming.

Although there are many online-type training programs available, most are on-screen scrolling text with a computer sounding guy or gal reading the scrolling text back to you. Occasionally, a flash or powerpoint presentation will be included. Some are better than others.  They are all a little different. You may or may not be asked a series of question to pass.

What’s different about eRRP?

eRRP actually trains.  There is literally no way to get through eRRP without learning and it makes a real effort to determine who is learning.  The videos are quality material, if you’ve seen them, you know.

In 2014, Seagull realized that, even with all of its safety measures, it still could not absolutely insure who was being trained and if they were being coached.  Seagull informed EPA and withdrew its program in favor of “Workstation” training. 


In “Workstation Training”, the student comes to your business.  You check the student’s photo ID and register them.  You take their photo.  Then, he/she is seated at a Seagull computer.  The student may be given the classroom portion of the course online with a live trainer nearby.  Should the Internet be down, the material is programmed into the computer.  Should the computer fail, the trainer has the material on DVD.  Seagull tries to have a plan B & C for everything.

All RRP courses have a hands-on component.  This may be conducted by you with Seagull’s guidance or by Seagull through its computer with you standing by in case of problems.  To do this, all Seagull RRP training outlets have to be set up in a similar fashion with a six drawer system that allows remote trainers to absolutely know where needed items are located.  So, you can conduct the hands-on for a larger share of the tuition or Seagull can handle it through our video conferencing system with your staff nearby, officiating.

All RRP courses must have an examination.  With Seagull, this is handled online with self grading and reporting.

That’s it!

Seagull goes one step further, in that, Seagull offers free 24/7 consulting to its students.  The only provider to do so.