Any variation, whatsoever, from the regulations and/or checklist items must be reported on the “Checklist” and “Cover Sheet” as an “Irregularity”.

    This is the trainers last opportunity to disclose that something wrong or out of the ordinary happened.  Not disclosing an irregularity may lead Seagull and/or auditors to determine that the trainer was covering up a problem.  This bring into question all of the past training of that trainer.

    If an irregularity is disclosed and Seagull choses to issue certification,  any problem will be that of Seagull.  If an irregularity is not disclosed and Seagull issues certification,  any problem will be that of the trainer.

    Problems can be fines amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If the problem was caused by the intent of the trainer, a jail sentance of up to five years can be levied by the appropriate court.

    Typical irregularities are:

    Letting class out early

    Skipping all or one hands-on activity

    A student refusing to participate in hands-on

    Not sending student photos to Seagull in a timely manner

    Anything mentioned in the law that does not occur appropriately is an irregularity and a problem.  Seagull will back up the trainer and help as long as the trainer discloses all irregularities.