Inform your Student(s)


Once the Combo Form is handed out, the student(s) MUST be coached to: print, not write in cursive, and print legibly.  Student(s) MUST fill in the top of the form, completely.

Study after study has shown that adult education is based in two simple basics:

  1. 1.  Simplicity of Instruction

  2. 2.  Willingness of the Student to Learn

Seagull’s Video style of training handles the simplicity.  The willingness partially occurs from Seagull’s convenience.  The balance of willingness of the student to learn is up to the local trainer or facilitator.

Letting the student know his way around your facility helps him feel comfortable and willing.   Insuring that another student’s phone ringing doesn’t interrupt training also helps.

Students don’t know what to expect when they arrive.  The more you affirm that this is serious business, the more seriously the student will take the course.

Beyond mitigating liability, letting the student know what to do in case of an emergency, gives the student a feeling that he or she matters, which also goes to willingness to learn.

Every aspect of a student’s experience during training affects his or her willingness to learn.

Finally, if the trainers does not obey the rules of training, it is unlikely his or her student will follow the rules of RRP.

Should the student appear unhappy or iof the student askes a question that you cannot answer, immediately get in touch with Jim Stump at 1-954-687-5664.

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