Over the next few months, the manner of payment and registration for students will change.  This change will change the start of the training day for students that did not pre-pay through Zack Academy. 

For students that have pre-paid through Zack Academy, there will be only one change.  During the registration process, the trainer will be asked for the “Student Number”.  This number exists in brackets to the right of the student name on the confirmation email from Zack Academy.  Trainers should have received this confirmation email prior to the course or the student may present it upon arrival.  If all else fails, the Fort Lauderdale office can provide this number.


Course: Asbestos Inspector [171977]
Date: Monday, October 16, 2017 
Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm 
Location: 5891 New Peachtree Road #122, Atlanta, GA 30340
View/Make Edits: https://ems.zackacademy.com/event/171977/attendees 

Attendee 1: 
Cory Haynes [150843] 
3500 Parkway Lane, Suite 500
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

In this example the Course Number or G-Number is:  171977

In this example the Student Number is:  150843

Beginning soon, other students that have not pre-paid will immediately begin training upon arrival.  Registration for them will not occur until the method of payment has been determined and registered with Zack Academy.  These students will be removed from class for registration, one at a time for individual payments, and in groups for single group payments.

Upon in-center student registration at Zack Academy, the trainer will receive an email containing the student’s Student Number now needed for standard registration.

Prior to recent changes, it was impossible to pay for a student through Zack on or after the day of training as classes are not advertised after they start.  But now, there is a password protected back door for the exclusive use of Seagull trainers.  What does this mean?

It means that students can pay for classes through Zack in class the same as if they were at home.  It means that trainers can register and take payment of students over the phone in advance, during, and after courses.  It means that all Seagull trainers can accept credit cards.  When a student pays by check, it means that the old “F-number” system will no longer be required.  And, when fully implemented, it means that all Seagull students in all Seagull courses will be registered at Zack Academy with a student number.  But, it also means that when a student is registered through this “back door”, the large percentages that Zack usually charges will not apply.

To begin the changeover, each trainer will be assigned a name and password to get in the “back door” through any browser.  Trainers can register students from any location including home.  All that is required is Internet and a browser.

Once in, the process is as follows:

1.Find the course

2.Click “New Student”

3.Enter the Coupon Code of “Seagull2”

4.Select payment type

5.If Credit Card, let the cardholder enter the information or, if on the phone, the trainer can fill in the info.  Seagull’s larger centers will receive iPads for these entries.  

6.Fill in the student(s) information


8.Receive confirmation email with needed G-number and Student Number

9.Proceed with normal registration

When a confirmation email is received, one should notice the following:

When a student has registered on their own through Zack before a course, the Student Number will appear as all numbers.

When a student is trainer-registered through Zack using a credit card instead of the old credit card system, the Student Number will begin with an “X”.

When a student is trainer-registered through Zack using a check, coupon, or other payment, the Student Number will begin with a “P” which replaces the old F-Number system.

It is hoped that we will be totally switched over by September, 2019.  Until then, both the old and new systems will be operational.  No student should use both the old and the new systems for the same course.  It should be one or the other.


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