EPA and state regulations are generally set up with a Mom and Pop type training operation in mind.  Thus, each step of the training process must be reported to the government by law.  Notifications, confirmations, cancellations, photographs, and student information must be reported to the government on a military type schedule.  If not, the student(s) will not become certified!  There is no tomorrow.  Reporting either occurs on time or the course is cancelled.

The process begins by INITIATING a course.  This gives Seagull the information to conduct “Pre-Notification” with the various governments with which we deal.  Remember, Seagull courses are approved or accepted in all 50 states.  That’s a lot of notifying!

You must “INITIATE” each course that you train.  The government requires this to happen at least 5 days prior to training.  Seagull requires 8 days.

REGULAR SCHEDULE TRAINERS such as “Everyday” or “Once-a-Week” walk-in trainers do not need to worry about advance notification after their first training as it will be handled automatically.  They can “INITIATE” when a student arrives for training.

COURSE-BY-COURSE trainers must notify each course and location at least 8 days prior to training.

To “INITIATE”,  you must have your course date, address and phone number ready? 

Click on the blue "trainers Site" button at

Using your user/password click into eRRP Course Management.

Click, “I am a Trainer”

All choices are pull down menus.  Choose your trainers name, the course type (Find the RRP class listed down with the lead-based paint courses under “Lead 8 hr. Certified Renovator Course”), and dates with times of your course.



When complete, Click “Verify”.

You will not need to enter the course location and phone for every course as long as you are training at the same place every time. When you signed on as a trainer we logged your permanent location address and telephone number into the system. It remembers this each time you initiate a course. You only enter an alternate training location (address) and telephone if the class is going to be held at the alternate location.

When you click “Verify”, you will review your accuracy on a “Results” page. 

Verify what you put in was accurate. If you are a traveling trainer, here is where you must provide thealternate training location in the yellow ALTERNATE COURSE LOCATION BOX.  

Now click the button to SCHEDULE AND NOTIFY COURSE.


The instructions at the top of this page require you to fax me this sheet (954-524-2430). It will go out to the EPA soon after it is posted. Remember you must post pre notice 10 days before the class unless you have set up to train on a regular schedule.

Please remember when scheduling your courses the EPA and authorized states want at least 10 working days notice before the class start date.  Seagull can send notice to them the same day during the week, but please give us at least 10 days if your training is not on a regular, advance noticed schedule. If you post a class after noon on Friday, the 10 day ticker will be starting no sooner than the following Monday.

We enforce the 10 day notice because the EPA requires the notice to be made with these restrictions. As such, your scheduling is done from your computer at your convenience.  As part of the course initiation step there is a page produced that you print and then fax to Seagull in order to be officially notified. Please don't forget this step.

Fax your notice to Seagull at 954-524-2430.


When posting for an alternate location, do not post the name of the business (Shoney’s, Clarion Hotel Ballroom). The EPA only wants the physical location of where you will be training. Put in the complete address as if you were going to Google it.

OK, you are done with the computer for now. This completes the course initiation.