eRRP Hands-On Videos for the Classroom


ho Activities for the Initial RRP Class

The following videos can serve as an introduction to the hands-on activities required for an Initial RRP class.  This will be reviewed with you later in your orientation.  For now, watch the videos to get a feeling for the requirements.  Later, experienced trainers will work with the prospective trainer, both live and by videoconference until the trainer is proficient.


It is of utmost importance that each of the activities required is performed for each student in each class.  No exceptions!  Many trainers have abreviated the HO and think it is OK since they have not been caught.  Or, they think it’s OK because they have been audited and were told by the auditor that it was OK.  It is NOT OK!

The key to Seagull’s Everyday Workstation success is that we absolutely do each activity for each student.  Seagull has made this as simple as can be.

First, Seagull will train the HO by videoconference.

Second, Seagull will train by videoconference until you or your other trainers can train on their own.

Third, regardless of who trains HO, short videos of each of the activities stating everything that needs to be said are avilable to the trainier.  With Seagull, training HO is simply a matter of helping the student follow the videos.