Reading Problems


The fact that someone cannot read does not necessarily disqualify them from becoming a Lead-Safe Renovator.  If the trainer determines that their may be a problem early in the course, special attention can be paid to the student to insure that they understand key points.  The Seagull eRRP courses are very visual which is a real advantage.

If you have a question as to the students ability, you can administer the following quick test of understanding English as well as taking a written exam.  CLICK HERE FOR ENGLISH QUIZ!

The exam may be given orally.  Seagull suggests that oral exams be given in the following manner:

  1. 1. Read the exam from behind the student.  Without intent, trainers tend to give away the right answer with their body language and expression.

  1. 2. Read the test in a very intentional monotone.

  1. 3. Questions and multiple choice answers can be read several times. 


  1. 4.Once the test has started all help and special consideration is over.  Either the student knows the material or not.

  1. 5.Beyond genuinely trying to do a great job of training, remember, each student is a potential witness.

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