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Assignment Name: Famous speech

Worth: 2 Points  Full credit will be awarded provided the guidelines are followed.

Time:  30 sec intro + 45-60 sec cutting (2 points - 90 second maximum): 

Description: History is filled with moments when someone has formulated and presented a speech worthy of recognition.  Within our nation, Abraham Lincoln, Sojourner Truth, Patrick Henry, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John F. Kennedy are but a few who stand out.  Your assignment is to decide upon a 45 to 60 second excerpt from a memorable speech in history and share it with the class.  When you select the speech, consider your audience.

Use notecards for delivery (feel free to print out and paste on notecard); however, do maintain a copy of the speech excerpt you have selected and a brief description of your choice -- check  out the sample!

  1. Bullet Select a speech that is at least twenty years old.  

  2. Bullet Share a contextual background in 30 seconds or less at some point in the speech (beginning, end or split) being sure to include the following:

  3. Bullet who wrote the speech,

  4. Bullet where it was presented,

  5. Bullet    when it was presented,

  6. Bullet    how it was presented, and

  7. Bullet    why it is of relevance to your peers.

  8. Bullet Select a short cutting (certain sentences) from this speech which when presented   will not surpass 60 seconds. (This is ONLY 3-5 sentences!)  

  9. Bullet   Using the template (sample speech) or following the APA guidelines type the speech ensuring a correct cover page.  Site your source correctly using APA style within the text as well as on the Reference page. 

  10. Bullet  Validate the correct pronunciation of ALL words.  

  11. Bullet  Highlight specific words where emphasis or specific pacing is necessary (always emphasize numbers, conjunctions and adjectives).

  12. Bullet Time yourself delivering the speech.  Do NOT exceed time limits!  BE sure to place your practice time on the cover of your speech. 

  13. Bullet The speech does not have to be memorized but should be rehearsed enough so that you can establish eye contact with your audience.  

  1. BulletSpeech:  A typed version of your speech including your Cover Page, Introduction and Speech Excerpt and Reference Page using APA formatting guidelines.  Please review the Famous Speech.  Include practice time on the cover.  You will submit this typed version to the instructor.

  2. BulletCards:  4X6 or 5X7 index cards.  This can be hand written or or paste the printout on the cards.

  3. Bullet Highlight key words on your cards/paper to indicate which words to emphasize.


If your handwriting is difficult to decipher or you just crave neat?

Paste a typed, printed version on the card! 

“That’s One Small Step for a Man; one Giant STep for MAnkind” - 
Neil Armstrong

What to do ...

  1. 1.Who wRote/Delivered the Speech?

  2. 2.Context in which it was presented (Where/When/How)?

  3. 3.Why: Why was the speech Delivered?

  4. 4.How is it of Relevance to your peers?  OR

  5. 5.Why did you choose this to deliver To your peers?

Abraham Lincoln
Sojourner Truth
Patrick Henry, 
Eleanor Roosevelt
Martin Luther King, Jr.
John F. Kennedy 
Winston Churchill
Mohandas Gandi
Marie Curie
Napolean Bonaparte
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
Queen Elizabeth I
Shirley Chisolm
Indira Ghandi
Pope John Paul II
Ronald Reagan
Mikhail Gorbachev
Malcolm X
Mark Twain
General George Patton
Charles de Gaulle
Margaret Sanger
Joan of Arc
General Douglas McArthur
Clarence Darrow
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Adolf Hitler
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hellen KEller

Martin Luther King, Jr

How to Do It (checklist) ...

What to submit ...

2 Points
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